Graving links are provided as a convenient resource. If you have links you would like to share with others simply send a message at the end of this page with the URL or contact me in the Facebook group. Links to resources are in alphabetical order. If you have visited this site before you may need to ‘refresh’ your browser.

Note: Any website may have a specific site but be sure to check out other links (formal or informal) that are listed there. You may find a true gem hidden in the text, sidebar or bottom of the page.

ATTENTION: Clean Gravestones Safely (See links below)
D/2 Biological Solution is trusted by the White House and the Veterans Administration to safely clean gravestones and architecture. Following the simple and easy instructions D/2 Biological Solution will clean pollution, dirt, grime and stains from gravestones that are caused by lichens, molds, mildew.


FindAGrave – Contact The Correct E-mail

FindAGrave – Forums

FindAGrave – Hide My E-mail Address

FindAGrave – Member Search – Search by Name or Number

FindAGrave – Takes Too Long To Answer

FindAGrave – Transfer Requests

FindAGrave – Update or Change E-mail Addresses

Who is behind Find A Grave? – Admins


Grave Transformations – Family Tree Magazine 7:8 min. Video

How to Photograph a Tombstone – Wiki

How To Photograph Headstones – RootsWeb

Recording Cemeteries with Digital Photography

Tips for Photographing Gravestones

Tombstone Photography Dos and Don’t’s – Ancestry


The Cemetery Club – Symbols

Death & Gravestone Symbolism

Deep East Texas Grave Markers – Types, Styles, & Motifs

Early American Gravestones – 42 Page PDF

Glossary Of Victorian Cemetery Symbolism

GraveAddiction – Symbols

Gravestone Symbols & Their Meanings

Headstone Emblems

Heritage Bulletin – Symbols – Oregon Focus

History From Headstones – Irish & Ireland Maps, Graveyards, Timeline, Poetry

Iconography & Symbolism – Cyndi’s List

Military Tombstones

Photo Gallery of Cemetery Symbolism – Meanings of Common Tombstone Symbols & Icons

Social and Fraternal Organizations

Stones Of Faith – Pennsylvania Germans & Their Gravestones

Symbolism in the Carvings on Old Gravestones

Tombstone Iconography – (Select Category) Also Carvers

Tombstone Symbols

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs – National Cemetery Administration


Ancestry – Subscription

Dmoz – Open Directory Project – Society to Genealogy

Nolo Legal Encyclopedia – Fair Use of Copyrighted Material

Nolo Legal Encyclopedia Tips – Getting Permission to Publish – Ten Tips


A Grave Interest – Stone Type and Gravestone History

AGS – Study and Preservation Resources

Association for Gravestone Studies Facebook

Cemetery Preservation Supply LLC

D/2 Biological Solution

D/2 Biological Solution – Facebook


AdblockPlus – Free Ad & Pop-up Remover

Acme Mapper – Finds Map Coordinates

Change Detection – Webpage Change Notification Service

CopyScape – Free Plagiarism Checker And Pay Services

Dropbox – 2GB Free Cloud Storage

Genealogy – Terminology Explained

HistoricMapWorks – Old Maps

How To Do a Tombstone Rubbing –

Photobucket – 2GB Free Cloud Storage

Picasa – Free Photo Editor

Some Gravestone Rubbings Do’s and Don’ts

TimeAndDate calculates birth dates.




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