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Names are known, yet thousands of unclaimed remains stay in funeral homes – 10/13/2013

Arlington graves stripped of personal mementos in controversial cleanup – 10/9/2013

Vandals damaging grave site of boy who drowned – 10/8/2013

Unmarked cemetery found at State Hospital larger than originally thought – 10/8/2013

The Find A Grave sale – 10/4/2013

Last Rites for Find-A-Grave? What the Ancestry.com Acquisition Means – 9/30/2013

Ancestry.com LLC Acquires Find A Grave, Inc. – 9/30/2013

Century-Old Cemetery Mystery Solved By El Dorado County Woman – 9/30/2013

Richard III: a maligned king’s reburial becomes a sordid affair – 9/29/2013

Grave injustice: Group fights to reclaim cemetery’s lost Medal of Honor recipients – 9/29/2013

WWII soldier’s long-lost Purple Heart medal and loving letter is delivered to the daughter he never met in a heartfelt ceremony – 9/22/2013

Embracing the Bizarre: Funerary Art in Charleston – 9/20/2013

From burlap sack to digital file, church records get makeover – 9/19/2013

Claremont cemetery vandalized for 2nd time – 9/17/2013

Century-old Handwritten Letters Translated from Cherokee for Yale University – 9/16/2013

Old photo sparks interest in family history – 9/15/2013

11 Year Old Takes A Stand To Get Local Veterans Cemetery Cleaned Up – 9/14/2013

Pet cemeteries will now accept human remains for burial alongside beloved family pets 9/14/2013

Tombstone’s origin a cold case mystery that’s finally solved – 9/14/2013

Headstone discovered in pile of discarded concrete – 9/13/2013

Matzevos From Wronki And A Collection Of Stone Monuments

Lapidarium of Wronki – Interest – Recovered Gravestones in Poland

Inside the Battle Over a Strip-Mine Cemetery – 9/6/2013

Oregon Zoo discovers century-old human remains – 9/6/2013

Fla. graves reveal reform school horrors, recall witnesses and families – 9/6/2013

Mormon church’s FamilySearch joins forces with Ancestry.com – 9/5/2013

A Family is Sentenced in Tax Fraud Scam that used Ancestry.com – 9/5/2013

King Richard III likely infected with foot-long parasitic worms: researchers – 9/4/2013

Quincy launches Google Map of Hancock Cemetery – 9/4/2013

Infant remains found on new community center property – 9/3/2013

U.S. National Archives Project Secures Iraq’s Jewish Past – 9/2/2013

On a Wing and a Prayer: Airports and Tombstones – 8/30/2013

A Grave Interest: The Stone Markers of the Cemetery – 8/30/2013

USF anthropologists prepare to examine graves at Dozier cemetery – 8/30/2013

Man cited in killing of Kansas City cemetery deer Ella – 8/30/2013

Death (certificates) took holiday in wake of bankruptcy filing – 8/29/2013

Man stole father’s body from Detroit cemetery ‘to bring him back to life’ – 8/28/2013

Family files lawsuit to protect Boone cemetery from mining – 8/28/2013

Union Baptist Cemetery and its black Civil War heroes – 8/28/2013

Cemetery attacked 8/23/2013

Former VFW memorial now at Beech Grove – 8/23/2013

Interview: Cave Hill Cemetery – 8/22/2013

Cemetery Left in Peace in City Remade by Olympics – 8/19/2013

Cemetery vandals damage over 100 headstones and Colo. Civil War monument – 8/15/2013

Couple find, restore forgotten gravestones – 8/15/2013

Mystery of Texas grave next to Oswald’s solved – 8/11/2013

Loretto man restoring ‘The Forgotten Graves’ – 8/5/2013

Preserving African-American Cemeteries – 8/3/2013

African-American cemetery unearthed in Pennsylvania – 7/29/2013

Thousands Buried Beneath Philly Playground – 7/28/2013

Browns notes: Organization sends reps to fan’s funeral after obituary made headlines – 7/10/2013

Surprise! What NYC’s Former Cemeteries Are Now – 7/12/2013

Preserving History, and Uncovering Secrets, at Green-Wood Cemetery – 7/4/2013

Restoring historic African American cemetery – 6/10/2013

Volunteers help preserve Miami’s first African American cemetery – 6/3/2013

Slave Cemetery – Richland Chambers cemetery remains reinterred – 5/30/2013

Sacrifices Set in Adorned Stone – 5/14/2013

A Museum Plot for Green-Wood Cemetery – 5/14/2013

Obscure Mare Island Cemetery fanned to life in new book – 4/14/2013

Frightening Archaeological Finds: 15 Odd Human Remain – 4/3/2013

Too Many Endings – The Story Of Stonewall Jackson’s Wounding, Death And Burials (Plural) – Spring 2013

The Case of the Missing Cemetery Tulip – 2/28/2013

Many Cemeteries Damaged, but Green-Wood Bore the Brunt of the Storm – 11/25/2012

Cemetery photos: permission required? – 10/22/2012

African American Cemetery Bulldozed In Ellis County – 3/29/2012

Brush lays siege to slave cemetery in Irving, prompting effort to reclaim history – 10/25/2011

‘Holy Smokes’ Loads Cremation Ashes Into Shotgun Shells – 10/14/2011

Portsmouth African Burial Memorial – 12/22/2010

City Cemeteries Face Gridlock – 8/13/2010

Ghosts of Portsmouth, NH – South Street Cemetery – 9/15/2008

A Cemetery of Poets Is in Crisis in Rome – 2/6/2006


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