Volunteer Tips

FindAGrave Volunteers are cleverly creative and share their tips and tricks for the benefit of others. What do you do that may save others’ time or aggravation? Share your tips in the contact form below.

Virtual Cemetery: Create a Virtual Cemetery for keeping record of corrections (SACs) you have requested. As corrections are acted upon or duplicates deleted you can remove the memorial from the Virtual Cemetery. Doing this lessens time invested in recordkeeping or hunting for lists. Kerry has a Virtual Cemetery for Transfers and Corrections. ~Kerry Moser

Avoiding Shadows on Flat Stones: Gene came up with a stroke of sheer genius for avoiding capturing his shadow on the flat stones: Taking the photo upside down! Gene held his camera upside down which is no easy task and made him a bit dizzy. It also garnered him puzzled stares from passersby who knew him asked what he was doing, “taking pictures,” was his reply. ~ Gene Baumwoll
Check out the results: Lynn Miller Herriott John W. Johnson


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