Volunteers Extraordinaire

The FindAGrave volunteers you will meet here go above and beyond what is expected of them. Do you know a volunteer you would like to nominate for this gallery? Send the story, links and a message with the contact box below.


Julie F. Witkowski

FindAGrave Volunteer Julie F. Witkowski accepted a challenging photo request other volunteers had given up on after several unsuccessful tries. The grave was that of Ernest Martin somewhere in Maple Grove Cemetery in the town of Westland, Wayne County, Michigan. Not about to give up, Julie pulled out her 20″ screwdriver and proceeded to push it into the ground slowly to ‘feel’ below the surface. In spite of insect bites, she took her time searching with care not damage the stone.

“Oh yes, I go slow, just poke it in enough to see if something is there. Sometimes I find something thinking it’s a marker only to dig up a rock or tree root,” Julie said.

Julie’s patience and determination paid off – Ernest Martin’s stone was located – four inches below the surface. After removing the dirt and grass Julie was able to photograph the stone and create the memorial for Martin’s family.

Check out Ernest Martin ‘s memorial and leave a flower if you wish.

Dan Read

FindAGrave Volunteer Dan Read went to fulfill several requests one day and located the name in a family plot. Dan took photos of all the stones with that name thinking family might want the others. After he returned home he realized one of the names was missing. He made a second trip to the family plot the next day and noticed there was a space next to the husband where the wife’s stone should have been. After Dan “poked around” he began digging and found the wife’s stone buried under sand and weeds. Dan said maintenance in the cemetery has improved so he is hoping, now that the stone is uncovered, that crews will continue to care for the stone.

Here is the stone: Ida Jane McCorkle Daugharty


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